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Going Public: Go Public Services, Reverse Merger, and Public Shell Alternative

Welcome To The Going Public Supersite

Tiber Creek Corporation can take a company public directly without a public shell company. However, for advisors such as CPA's, attorneys or investment bankers, a new public shell can be built and customized. For consultants that may have future clients yearning to go public, having a public shell ready allows a private company to become a public company almost immediately.

We can create a new public shell for consultants. It will be formed and registered with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for the purpose of engaging in a merger with a yet to be named private business entity. These pristine public shells allow you to do reverse mergers with SEC reporting public companies that have never had an operating business in them.

We are happy to pay referral fees when appropriate.

Go Public Fast

We assist companies in going public on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), American Stock Exchange (AMEX), NASDAQ (National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations), OTCBB (Over the Counter Bulletin Board) and the Pink Sheets.

There are no asset or revenue requirements to go public on the OTC Bulletin Board or the Pink Sheets; so, even a start-up can go public.

Our firm also helps foreign private companies to go public or foreign public companies with dual listings or ADR's (American Depositary Receipts).

Reverse Mergers

This method is used when a private company is converted into a public company by conducting a reverse merger with an SEC reporting public company. This type of transaction accelerates the process of becoming a public company.

Investment Banks

Tiber Creek's services include introductions to its proprietary network of thousands of investment sources. These sources are investment banking firms, hedge funds, FINRA member broker dealers and market makers.

The President of the Firm is a Securities Law Attorney

When taking a company public it is best to engage a reliable firm whose president is a securities lawyer with more than 30 years of experience in public offerings and the going public process. The president of our firm advises other attorneys and law firms that do not specialize in securities law. His other areas of expertise include Regulation D offerings, Private Placement Memorandums and SEC Registration Statements. He has been involved in many DPO's (Direct Public Offerings), Form 211 filings and Regulation A offerings.

Why Go Public? Once a Company Goes Public, the Business Typically has these Advantages:

    •   Increase in valuation when you go public.
    •   Liquidity for shareholders
    •   Raising capital is easier as a public entity.
    •   A publicly traded company can use its stock to trade for advertising to promote its product,
        services & stock.

Investor Relations & the Going Public Process

When going public with a company, we can assist with investor relations and stock promotions. As a public company, it is important to note that advertising direct public offerings to the general public is allowed, if the company registers the offering with the SEC and follows other guidelines. This is prohibited to private companies.

Tiber Creek gives you the power of a publicly traded business to take destiny into your own hands to raise capital. Introductions provided to large advertising groups that trade advertising for stock in a public company. The free advertising can be utilized to inform general investors that you are a public company, to promote your business and to help raise capital.

How to Go Public: Taking a Company Public without an IPO

When an entrepreneur wishes to take a company public, one method employed is an initial public offering which is commonly referred to by the acronym IPO. For smaller businesses there are faster and less expensive avenues to achieve the same goal.

When to Go Public with a Company

The decision of when to go public with your company should factor in a number of considerations. The chief question of many small business owners is regarding the cost to go public. Going public with a smaller company is significantly less than larger NASDAQ and NYSE listed companies.

When you are ready to go public with your company please contact us. We are the recognized leader in providing going public services.

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