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Reverse Acquisitions

We help companies to go public. You do not need to do a reverse acquisition or a reverse listing to go public. We can take your company public without reverse acquisitions also known as a back door listing. However if you are a barrister or attorney or an adviser that may come across a company in the future that would like to become a public company we can form a new blank check public shell company for you. This prevents you from having to buy public shell companies for sale. Now as an investment banker or CPA if you own your own blank check public company you will have the ability to do reverse acquisitions also known as reverse takeovers.

If in the future you find a company that would like to go public quickly, you will have the ability to assist your client in doing so. This type of shell is ideal for companies you may identify in the future that would benefit from being a public entity.

Definition: What is a Reverse Acquisition

Reverse acquisitions occur when a private company purchases or buys a public shell company. Normally, new management and new board of directors are chosen when you do a reverse merge. A reverse take over is the same as a reverse IPO.

A reverse acquisition is the process of reverse merging 2 companies. One a private company and the other a public company. This is one of the ways you convert a private company to a public company. Some people may call it a reverse takeover. You will often see it referred to as reverse takeovers. The name is irrelevant

Reverse Acquisitions Process and Procedures

When you do reverse takeovers and reverse acquisitions you will rename the company. What reverse acquisitions do is to allow a private company to become a public company without the costs of an IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Reverse acquisitions are something you do with a shell company or shell corporation. You can also do reverse acquisitions with a SPAC which is a Special Purpose Acquisition Company. SPAC's are a Rule 419 types of public shell companies.

Reverse Acquisitions Accounting

Reverse Acquisitions is a term used in Canada. In the US they refer to them as a reverse merge. Many times they use capital pool companies. You don't have to use a capital pool company in order to do reverse acquisitions. The types of accounting procedure to use with reverse acquisitions can be provided by a PCAOB (Public Company Accounting Oversight Board) accountant. A CPA that does an audit for a public company must be part of the PCAOB. The PCAOB provides standards for CPA's and accountants that do audits of public companies.

When a company goes public they will assuming they want to trade on the OTCBB (Over The Counter Bulletin Board), Amex, Nasdaq or the NYSE will need an audit. The OTC Markets Pink Sheets do not require audits.

Listing Requirements

The NYSE listing requirements are high but the Nasdaq listing requirements are not that tough. However, to trade on the over the counter bulletin board OTCBB it does not require any set amount of assets nor does it require any revenues or time in business. This means that a development stage company can go public.

Reverse Acquisitions News

VMob Does Reverse Acquisition of Velo Capital
August 29, 2012

VMob is a mobile phone voucher company based in Auckland New Zealand who recently joined the NZAK market with the goal of raising $3 to $5 million. The company, previously known as VoucherMob opted to utilize a reverse acquisition of Velo Capital, a shell company listed on the NZAK. After the reverse merger the shell was renamed VMob.

VMob is a two year old company with about 40 employees. Their core business is an app that offers smartphone users downloadable coupons to redeem in-store at businesses in their vicinity. Chief executive Scott Bradley considers VMob to be a "relatively early-stage startup" and believes it is "a little bit easier" to raise capital as a public company. VMob also seek to promote their brand and increase credibility as the move towards overseas expansion including the Indonesian market. Using a boxing reference to explain their ascending status Bradley said they "appear to be punching above our weight, which is always handy being a small New Zealand company."

St Joseph Inc Intends Reverse Acquisition
September 05, 2012

St. Joseph, Inc. (OTCBB: STJO) recently announced they entered into a Letter of Intent with Karavos Holdings Limited who is acting as arranger. The non-binding Letter of Intent is structured as a reverse acquisition with St. Joseph, Inc. having a fifty percent beneficial interest in a domestic telecommunications company, as yet unnamed. St. Joseph is a holding company who owns a subsidiary in the staffing industry. St. Joseph’s President, Gerry McIlhargey, said, “We are exceedingly pleased to have signed a Letter of Intent and we are looking forward to commencing in-depth due diligence.”

Zenergy Power Acquires Synety Through Reverse Take Over
September 11, 2012

UK Telecom company Synety has been acquired by Zenergy Power, pending Zenergy shareholder approval. Reverse take overs include a proposal, in this case it involves a 1 for 20 Share Consideration and Synerty being rebranded as Synety Group plc. Two Synety directors will be joining the Zenergy board; Mark Seeman (as chief executive) and Graham Ward (as non-executive director).

Synety is an early stage company whose main product is CloudCall, a cloud based software. But Zenergy executive chairman Simon Cleaver said: "we have been examining potential new investment opportunities which would take the company in a fundamentally different and profitable direction."

Zenergy Power is an energy technology company employing superconductor technologies and has three subsidiaries in the USA, Germany and Australia. They are listed on the AIM London Stock Exchange as LON:ZEN.

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