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Listing Requirements

International and World Stock Exchange Listing Requirements

We assist companies in going public. We can even help new corporation to go public. Once a company becomes public they must meet certain listing requirements in order to be listed on one of the various stock exchanges and trade their securities.

Although the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is a governing board in the United States it doesn't set the listing requirements for foreign stock exchanges and bourses, these are set by each individual stock exchange. Typically they include a specific minimum number of publicly traded shares and shareholders along with minimum trading price for their stock and overall market value for their company. In addition to initial listing requirements, each board has continued listing requirements. Meaning each company is required to fulfill specific standards in order to continue having their stock listed on that board or they may be delisted. However these requirements are typically more relaxed than the initial ones. The OTC Markets, OTC Pink Sheets and the Over the Counter Bulletin Board OTCBB have the most relaxed standards.

This is a directory of stock exchanges throughout the world. Please visit each exchange’s website for more specific detailed information on how do you get a listing on the stock exchange and what are the requirements to list on the stock exchange.

The major US stock exchanges are listed below:

Nasdaq: What are the listing requirements for Nasdaq

Listing Requirements: nasdaq.com/about/nasdaq_listing_req_fees.pdf

NASDAQ was originally an acronym for National Association of Securities Dealer Automated Quotation system, rebranded as The NASDAQ OMX Group.

NASDAQ has three sets of Listing Requirements. Basic abridged listing requirements for all companies on NASDAQ include a minimum of 1,250,000 publicly traded shares, opening bid price over $5.00, at least three market makers as well as adhering to various governance rules and trading history minimums over the previous12 months.

NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) How do you get a listing on the NYSE

Listing Requirements: nyse.com

The original and longest running US stock exchange, with origins tracing back to 1792. It is considered the blue chip or top US stock exchange. NYSE has three different sets of domestic listing requirements for the US in addition to their international exchange. The NYSE requirements are very detailed; please visit their site for specifics.

OTC (Over the Counter) Markets Listing Requirements OTCQX is the intelligent marketplace for the best OTC companies with the highest financial standards and superior information availability.

OTCQB is the venture marketplace for companies that are current in their reporting with a U.S. regulator. There are no financial or qualitative standards.

OTC Pink Current Information aka The Pink Sheets

The OTC (Over The Counter) Markets operate a bit differently than the other US markets. OTCQB and OTC Pink have no listing requirements; this fact makes them particularly attractive to smaller companies and startups that may not have large revenues and earnings.

Listing Requirements: otcmarkets.com/home

Tokyo Stock Exchange

In Tokyo, Japan

London Stock Exchange

Located in London, United Kingdom
Also known as the AIM Alternate Investment Market.
Listing requirements: londonstockexchange.com/home/homepage.htm

NYSE Euronext

Amsterdam, Netherlands


What is the listing requirement for nordic.nasdaqomxtrader.com

Deutsche Börse

Is in Frankfurt, Germany
To find information on the listing requirement for the Deutsche Borse you can visit their site.

Börse Berlin

Berlin Germany
Listing requirement to trade stock: boerse-berlin.de/index.php

SIX Swiss Exchange

The exchange is in Zurich Switzerland
Requirements for listing your company on the Swiss Exchange can be found at six-swiss-exchange.com/index.html

BME Spanish Exchanges

Can be visited in Madrid, Spain
Listing requirements: bolsasymercados.es/ing/home.htm

GXG Markets in Denmark

For additional information for going public in Denmark additional information can be found at gxgmarkets.com


This is the stock exchange for Moscow, Russia

Toronto Stock Exchange

The TSE is located in Toronto, Canada

CNSX Canadian National Stock Exchange


TSX Venture Exchange

Contact for listing requirements for the Venture Exchange

ASE Australian Securities Exchange

Learn how a company gets listed on the ASE

Shanghai Stock Exchange

Many Chinese companies go public in the USA via reverse mergers with shell companies.

HKSE Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Companies based in Hong Kong often use reverse acquisitions and reverse takeovers to become public companies.

GEM Growth Enterprise Market

How to become a public company in Hong Kong

BSE Bombay Stock Exchange

IPO guide to an listing for a company in India

Bursa Malaysia Listing Requirements

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

SGX Singapore Exchange


BM&F Bovespa

São Paulo, Brazil
Information on how to start a public company in Brazil and what is needed to list for public companies.

KRX Korea Exchange

Seoul South Korea
Publicly traded company list

JSE Limited

Located in Johannesburg, South Africa



Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

Stock Exchange in Zimbabwe
Contact for listing requirements

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