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Investor Relations


In the competitive capital markets, public relations and investor relations are an important element in enhancing shareholder value. Our financial network and strategic contacts enable us to be effective in communicating a company's story and future opportunities in the financial marketplace.

Strategic Approach

We work along with management or your internal Investor Relations department. We believe a company's market value is a combination of performance and the awareness of that performance among financial audiences.

Our strategic capabilities help clients communicate with every major audience in the financial community including; investment bankers, securities analysts, market makers, broker dealer, fund managers, portfolio managers and stockbrokers.

The foundation of our Financial Public Relations Program is to identify and assist you with telling your company's story effectively. Tiber Creek Corporation uses its channels to help you tell that story to audiences that can make a difference. Tiber Creek Corporation prides itself on its passion for excellence.

Financial Public Relations Services

A broad range of financial communication capabilities is available: conference calls, investment conferences, road shows, meeting with fund managers, large-producing stockbrokers and the principals of investment bank. If your company has a compelling story, we expedite the goal of getting this information out by helping you tell your story in an easy to understand yet concise manner. The essence of our success has been our ability to uncover good quality growth companies and present that opportunity to Wall Street.

Broker Road Show

Stockbrokers are important. It's a Wall Street adage that, "Stocks are not bought; they are sold". We will introduce you to the CEO & President of investment banks that make the decisions regarding raising capital. These smaller firm's don't take companies public but can sell your stock to clients once you are public.

Primary Mission

The primary goal of our Financial Communications Program is to increase shareholders. If your company has a compelling story to tell, we help you to tell it to the audience that can make a difference. That audience is members of the Wall Street Community. Based on this principle, our goal is to present your company to an established network of stockbrokers, broker/dealers, investment bankers, analysts, portfolio managers and others that can further your company’s interests.

A Word To The CEO

We recognize that the foregoing responsibility of a C.E.O. is to increase the value of shareholders' stock. The question is how best to increase the value of your stock. The answer is to increase sales, expand capacity, increase EPS and hope these factors speak for themselves in such a way that the financial community discovers you and that your stock price reaches a price that is reflective of its true value.

The astute CEOs of today are implementing Financial Communication Programs to insure increased awareness of their company so that it is valued fairly. The implementation of a well-designed Financial Communication Program is of great importance today.


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