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We take you public fast and you do not need to use a public shell. We can do a direct registration with the SEC. It is a complex process but the president of Tiber Creek is an experienced securities attorney.

We can help your company go public on the NASDAQ, the AMEX or the NYSE. For smaller companies that would like to go public we can also assist you in going public over the counter on the OTC (Over The Counter) Bulletin Board or the OTC Pink Sheets.

The important report below is about becoming a publicly traded company that is about half the cost of listing on NASDAQ and faster. In addition when you choose to go public on the Over The Counter Pink Sheets there is NO SEC periodic reporting, and No audited financials.

Tiber Creek Go Public Newsletter Volume 87
Promoting Capital Formation and Revolutionizing the OTC Over-the-Counter Markets

What do Rolls Royce, Nestle Chocolate and Heineken Beer have in common?

They all trade on the Electronic Pink Sheets (also known as "The National Quotation Bureau" (NQB)). The Pink Sheets have been around since the early 1900’s. (see a history of the Pink Sheets below) Many CEO’s are choosing to go public and trade over-the-counter on the “Pink Sheets” because it offers many of the advantages of NASDAQ without SEC reporting requirements and audited financials.

Due to the increasing popularity and interest in the Pink Sheets this Newsletter will provide you with information on the Pink Sheets, including its very long history and important contributions to Wall Street and U.S. Capital Markets.

The Pink Sheets are increasingly becoming an alternative to the OTC Bulletin Board and NASDAQ. Many experts are enthusiastically recommending the Pink Sheets today because it allows a company to have many of the same benefits of a private and a public company.

Recently, we have received many inquiries regarding trading on the Pink Sheets. This is because many companies that want to "Go Public" would like to have the benefits of having their securities publicly traded without having audited financials and filing periodically with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The fact that companies can go public and not have to deal with audited financials and SEC reporting is attractive to many smaller companies wishing to take advantage of the benefits of being a public company.

Any company including a start up or development stage company can "Go Public" and trade on the Pink Sheets because it does not have any requirements pertaining to revenues, earnings, time in business or assets.(the OTC Bulleting Board also does not have asset or revenue requirements).

More and more companies have chosen to trade on the Pink Sheets because they either do not have the asset requirements to trade on NASDAQ or prefer not to have the reporting requirements.

We assist companies in becoming publicly traded on all exchanges.


The Electronic Pink Sheets (NQB) are the primary trading leaders in the over the counter markets (OTC markets). They afford the increased transparency of the available information on the OTC markets, to render them more efficient for all. This like is where market makers post their bid and ask prices.

Their centralized information network benefits market makers, issuers, brokers and investors. Pink Sheets information enhances the efficiency of over-the-counter trading, providing better executions for OTC investors and improves the capital formation for issuers.

Brief History of the Pink Sheets

The Pink Sheets started in the year 1903, when the National Quotation Bureau (NQB) began as a paper-based, inter securities dealer quotation service. It was linking competing stock brokerage firms and market makers in OTC stock prices across the United States. Ever since then the Pink Sheets and have been a central resource for information on trading OTC stocks.

In the late 1990's the Pink Sheets were transformed even further, utilizing the power of electronic communication and the World Wide Web to increase the quality, timeliness and value of its information and services. The introduction of web-based technology has revolutionized many segments of the securities markets.

The Pink Sheets was more than a half century before Nasdaq which simply stands for the National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) Securities dealers are stock brokerage firms and market makers.

Nasdaq was started to give more exposure to OTC stocks. It became more popular then the Pink Sheets because it went electronic in the 1970’s while the Pink Sheets were still posting the buy and sell prices of the stock brokerage firms on pink paper and delivering them daily to all the stock brokerage firms.

In September of 1999, the Pink Sheets introduced their Electronic Quotation Service (EQB), an Internet-based, real-time quotation service for OTC equities and bonds.

Since then the Pink Sheets have become more and more popular. They have added 3 levels to become even more competitive with the OTCBB and the Nasdaq.

This is why so many well known companies trade on the Pink Sheets such as Nestle, Rolls Royce, Heineken and dozens of smaller banks.

Additional History on the Pink Sheets / The National Quotation Bureau

Prior to the Pink Sheets in the early 1900’s, over the counter markets were completely fragmented. Up until 1999 the OTC stock prices (the buy and sell prices) were printed on pink colored sheets of paper and sent to stock brokerage firms and investment houses. That is why the investment community used the term Pink Sheets.

Before the Pink Sheets circa 1900 stock brokers and investment bankers would offer to buy and sell stocks by advertising in daily newspapers.  They would also print out material about the stocks they were offerings to sell and the kinds they would be willing to buy. The investment banks then sent this information to clients and other investment banks.

The Pink Sheets were set up to take over this function of getting the buy and sell prices from all the investment banks. They would collect each day the prices that stockbrokers were willing to buy or sell stock for then would deliver them each morning to all the stock brokerage firms and investors. This served a similar function to what Nasdaq would one day do. Nasdaq is just the automated quotation of stock prices. The buy and sell prices of what stock brokerage firms are willing to buy or sell stock for. Nasdaq is a real-time dealer quote service.

The Pink Sheets continued to deliver pink colored sheets of paper until 1999 while Nasdaq and the OTCBB had been doing in for years. But in 1999 they became electronic and have been becoming more and more popular. They were out of favor prior to 1999 because you had to call a stock broker to get quotes but they have come roaring back to compete with the OTCBB and the Nasdaq. The Pink Sheets predates the Nasdaq and the OTCBB and have been around now for over a century.

We can assist your company in becoming publicly traded on any exchange. However, if you are a smaller company you might want to consider trading over the counter on the Pink Sheets or the OTCBB. Tiber Creek is the leading go public pink sheets consultant.


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