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Going Public with Your Company

We assist businesses in “Going Public” fast. You can go public via a direct public offering. The president of our firm is an attorney who has been practicing securities law for many years. So, you will have great guidance in the going public process. Any company can “Go Public” and have its own stock symbol. There are more than 15,000 public companies in the U.S. We can help your company to go public on the NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ, OTC Bulletin Board or Pink Sheets.

The NASD FINRA OTCBB (Over the Counter Bulletin Board) as well as the Pink Sheets have NO asset and NO revenue requirements. Most of the smaller companies go public first on either the NASD OTCBB or the Pink Sheets. They can quite easily move up later to NASDAQ.

In fact, if a company is interested in Going Public they may want to begin trading on the Pink Sheets. There are NO audits, and NO periodic SEC reporting. It also is very fast and relatively inexpensive. A company can initially begin trading on the Pink Sheets if they want to go public quickly and, if they choose, can trade on the OTCBB later very easily. We can assist you in going public on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board, NASDAQ or the AMEX, if you prefer

Experience Matters

The founder of our firm is a Securities Attorney. He founded his law firm over 30 years ago. His securities law firm works exclusively with public companies and companies preparing to go public. He counsels other lawyers that have clients wishing to go public.

Going Public

There are a variety of ways of going public. One way for a company to go public is an IPO. In an initial public offering a company is doing two things simultaneously. One, it is raising capital; and secondly, it is going through the procedure of going public. We assist companies with the second part which is becoming a public company and having its own stock symbol and public stock which people can buy from their broker or online like any other public company.

Going public in this manner is ideal for companies that may not be large enough to attract an underwriter for an IPO and those that don't need to raise capital immediately. They want to go public because of the many benefits that being a public company offers, such as increased valuation, using public stock as currency to acquire other companies and assets, liquidity, prestige and to reduce the need for expensive venture capital and other financing sources. It also makes it easier to raise capital since once you become public it gives you credibility and a benchmark trading price to raise capital against.

Public companies are typically valued higher than their private counterparts. So, what many sophisticated CEO's and CFO's do is go public without simultaneously raising capital and thus receive a higher valuation and benchmark stock trading price. Then, as a public company, they do a private placement at a deep discount to the market with the provision that the investors hold the stock for 1 year.

Example of How to Use the Power of a Public Company to Raise Capital

As an example, a company goes public without initially raising capital and begins trading on the open market at US $20.00 per share. An individual can go on the internet or into a stock brokerage firm and buy stock at $20.00 per share. Public companies in this situation often sell stock in a private placement at a very substantial discount to the open market price (in this example, perhaps $17.00 per share). The investors agree to hold the stock for a period of time. The issuer can sell the stock themselves or have small broker/dealers assists them. Because investors can buy the stock at a deep discount to the open market price it gives them quite an incentive to invest.

Learn the Truth about Reverse Mergers and Public Shells

Years ago some companies would do a reverse merger with a public shell to go public. When doing a reverse merger with a public shell it can be very costly if you use a trading public shell with a stock symbol. These companies had a previous business in them before and could have undisclosed liabilities. There are also blank check public shells that were never used before and were created only to do a merger. These public shell companies are clean. Blank check public shell corporations can assist in speeding up the process of going public.

There are a couple of different kinds of public shell companies. The ones you want to avoid are the ones that are trading with a stock symbol because they had a previous business in it and they are very expensive and are usually filled with many liabilities. If you reverse merge into a trading public shell with a stock symbol (which usually has shareholders and shares that are freely tradable in the float) and then when the stock price goes up, these shareholders sell the stock and the price decreases rapidly. This can be very detrimental to a company trying to grow through acquisition. This is far more costly than the price paid to do a reverse merger with a public shell. This is important to comprehend. If you do not understand the importance of a small public float your going public experience may be less then ideal. You avoid this situation with a non trading virgin public shell company.

Blank check public shell companies are SEC reporting public companies with minimal shareholders. The blank check public shell company is set up only to do a merger with an acquisition target (private corporation). Many lawyers and investment bankers use these. When they find a company they like, they will merge them into a blank check public shell. This can make them a public company right away.

Most small companies prefer to begin trading on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board. A company can also go public on the Over the Counter Pink Sheets and progress from there to NASDAQ as they grow. A company may also choose to start trading on the NASD FINRA OTCBB from inception.

Experts recommend when going public to have an attorney who specializes in Securities Law assist you if you are considering becoming a publicly traded company. We are not recommending nor suggesting that you do a reverse merger or that you buy a public shell. We can take you public by directly registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission. However, if you have found a shell that you like we are happy to assist you with analyzing the shell you have identified. The president of our company is a securities attorney with many years experience. He has assisted many companies in going public. We will discuss with you your options and discuss the least costly way to go public. We are not advocating blank check public shells or a reverse merger. Just providing educational information.

Learn More about Becoming a Public Company

We offer a free report on Going Public so you can learn how to become a public company. We have offices on the East and West Coast of the United States.

We have the unique perspective of being a firm headed by a Securities attorney. An attorney who has worked and been involved in many transactions involving publicly traded companies including private and public offerings as well as a variety of mergers and acquisitions. In fact he advises other attorneys who have limited experience in this very highly specialized field.

We have reports and newsletters that deal with updates and information on the following subjects: taking your company public, private placement, public shell company rule changes, investment banking, investments, shell corporations, corporate finance, how to go public, stock exchanges, venture capital, business finance and also mergers and acquisitions. We will keep you up to date on matters dealing with market makers, securities law, 15c211, private placement memorandums, PIPES Offerings and securities attorneys. We will keep you updated with the latest events so you can learn how to go public properly.

Go Public Comprehensive Program

We are with you every step of the way through the entire process. We can assist you in incorporating your business right through to getting your stock symbol and listing your stock for public trading.

We also offer a free consultation to presidents, senior executive management, mergers and acquisitions consultants and consultants of companies considering going public.

Referrals from CPA's, Business Brokers, Securities Lawyers, Accounting Firms and Financial Investment Advisors are welcomed.

Sophisticated CEO's, CFO's and Financial Professionals realize a public company is a very powerful tool. This is one of the methods they use to raise capital more easily.

Can Any Company Go Public? Yes!

Many people ask the question, "what are the qualifications to go public?" Any company, including foreign companies, can go public. You don’t have to have been in business for a certain amount of time and there are no revenue or asset requirements  for going public. So, virtually any company qualifies for going public. This is for companies wishing to go public on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB). NASDAQ does have certain requirements which are listed on their website. We can assist you in "Going Public" on NASDAQ, NASD, OTCBB, AMEX, or NYSE but smaller companies will usually prefer to go public on the OTCBB or the Pink Sheets because of less cost and less regulations.

Pink Sheets (National Quotations Bureau)

Smaller companies may also consider trading on the "Pink Sheets". This is becoming an increasingly popular option for companies. The electronic "Pink Sheets" (National Quotations Bureau) do not require regular reporting with the SEC nor audited financials. There are also no asset or revenue requirements. Companies such as Rolls Royce, Nestle, and Heineken trade there. Many CEO's are choosing the "Pink Sheets" now because it offers many of the advantages of the OTCBB and NASDAQ without the SEC reporting requirements and audited financials.

To trade on the Pink Sheets is very fast and inexpensive. We take you public and assist you with investor relations and other services after you receive your stock ticker symbol. We are one of the firms the Pink Sheets recommend to assist companies that want to go public on the Pink Sheets.

Go Public with Confidence

When going public you want the confidence of a firm founded by a Securities Attorney with more than 3 decades of Securities Law experience. We can assist your company in going public on the NASDAQ, the NASD OTCBB or on the Pink Sheets. A publicly traded company is a very valuable and powerful tool and something to strongly consider. Tiber Creek Corporation is the leading provider of going public services. If you would like to learn more about how to go public please go to our contact us page & tell us about your company.


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