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Business Plans & Raising Capital

For Your Company

When a company is looking to raise capital they need a number of things. If you know of any companies that may need our services please let us know because we are happy to pay an advisor fee when appropriate.

When raising funds for your business you want a business plan, a private placement and access to people and institutions that have the ability to fund a company or project. We can help you will all three. We do work with private companies.

However, please consider becoming a public company since it can help you in so many ways. The CEO of our company is a corporate attorney and we take companies public directly.

For attorneys and investment banking firms we can form fully reporting SEC public shell companies. Typically being a public company makes it easier to raise capital because of the credibility of being a public company with your own stock symbol.

We can assist you with a business plan, a private placement and in meeting stock brokerage firms, qualified institutional buyers and a wide variety of investment funds.

A good business plan is of paramount importance in raising capital. The fee is typically $4000 and up depending on complexity and if you want projections. The price for a private placement is written about in more detail below.

If you need help with meeting our vast network of broker dealers, investment bankers and many types of investment funds we can help you with that. We have a database of over 30,000 investment sources including stock brokers, funds and institutional buyers. Having a business plan is important but the bottom line is raising capital. That is why our proprietary database of over 30,000 investment banks and investment funds is so very valuable.

We can set up conference calls and in-person meetings with the owners of stock brokerage firms and investment funds who are friends with the principals of our company. Please be apprised for our investment banks, institutional investors and investment funds conference call, in person meetings and roadshow program the cost is $25,000

If you feel you have a good company then $25,000 if very inexpensive. We have been doing this for decades. So, one of two things will happen if you engage us:

One, is you will raise capital which is a good thing. The second thing is you don't raise capital and that might be a good thing too. The reason being is that for $25,000 you are going to have access to some of the most important investment professional decision makers there are.

If they are not willing to raise capital for you then the project or company may not be a good one. Now why can this be good? It is because it will let you know if you have a viable company or project.

Now for the average business man in a major city to take care of his family, the cost is about $100,000 per year. Let's say you drag on as you have, under-capitalized for the next 2 years, trying to get your business off the ground unsuccessfully. So, you would have lost $200,000 of savings over the 2 years.

Now if you can find out if your company is not able to raise money, you can try another business or get a job. So, this would save you the money. If you are confident in your company then it is something you would want to do. So, engaging us for $25,000 is very efficient and will most likely save you money in the long run.

We would be happy to provide you with a business plan and or a private placement memorandum without introductions to investment bankers. However, if you want all 3 we can discount the total prices by 10 percent.

We do not have to take you public, but if you do want to go public the fee is $85K to $100K. If we take you public we can include the private placement memorandum and introductions to our very large database of investment sources. Going public is the most cost effective program and typically makes it easier to raise capital and achieve your business goals for many reasons.

Here is a quick summary on our programs Professional Business Plans

A strong, detailed and informative business plan is an important tool for any business, from a start-up to more established companies. It helps paint the picture and build both interest and confidence when seeking investment capital. It provides the big picture by stating the goals and vision for a company. It also includes relevant details and projections to illustrate there is a realistic plan for success in place. A powerful Executive Summary, typically one to two pages, is also included. Business Plans are $3000 and up.

Basic Private Placement Memorandum is available for $10,000. This is a simple document with basic and general disclosures. Our Customized PPM is available for $30,000. We perform in-depth research and include variables specific to your company's industry, filings by similar companies and other applicable political and global risk disclosures.

Investment Bankers, Brokerage Firms, Institutional Investors and Investment Fund introductions, conference call and in person meeting is $25,000 in advance with no guarantees that capital will be raised. You know your company best so you would be the best judge of how your company or project will be received.

Either way it works out for you because you raise money or you find out you cannot. If you cannot you save money by moving on to something else. This can save you money in long run by not wasting your valuable savings.

Going Public for only $85,000 to $100,000 is the most cost effective program we have because it can include the private placement memorandum and introductions to our huge network of investment sources.

We are a fee based company and cannot work on a contingency basis. Please let us know when you would like us to prepare a business plan, private placement, meet with investment bankers or take your company public.

We look forward to your contacting us to let us know which service or services you would like to engage us for. One of our courteous staff members would be happy to help you.

We take companies public including start-up companies

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