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                         About Us

The CEO of Tiber Creek is James Cassidy Esq. a well respected securities lawyer. He advises other law firms regarding securities law related matters and has helped numerous companies in going public. Here is a link to his law firm which he founded:

Cassidy & Associates
Attorneys At Law

We work as members of a client’s team, offering knowledge and expertise in assisting you in becoming a public company.

Below is a brochure from Mr. Cassidy's law firm to give you an idea of his renown and experience. Please review the information below from Mr. Cassidy's law firm to learn more about our CEO. If you're an attorney who needs help with your clients on securities related matters please contact Mr. Cassidy. There is a link to his law firm website or give us a call and we will arrange for a conference call.

     Even Fine Lawyers Need Help With Their Clients' Securities Work

Cassidy & Associates has counseled other law firms in securities transactions since 1975. We have substantial experience in dealing with the complexities of these areas. If you do not specialize in securities law – or if you just need assistance from time to time – you can benefit from our skills.

We can help you expand your law practice and bring additional revenues to your firm. Our costs are below prevailing rates and flow through to your clients. There are no costs to your firm.

Your clients look to you for legal services. You do not want them to go elsewhere for their securities work. Nor do you want errors or delays in doing that work. We can help you satisfy your clients' needs in these important areas.

                      Cassidy And Associates Attorneys At Law


Cassidy & Associate has been of counsel to over 100 public and private securities offerings including cable television, computer technology, telephone, research and development, trucking, real estate, oil and gas and investment fund offerings. The equity securities of these offerings include common and preferred stock, partnership interests, participation certificates, warrants and royalty programs. The debt securities include bonds, debentures, mortgage obligations, and convertible dept. We assist in securities offerings for both new and established companies.

Our securities law services include:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Preparation of all forms of registration statement under the Securities Act of 1933.

  • Compliance with the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, including proxy

  • Statement and tender offer requirements.

  • Incentives: Stock options and stock incentives can be very helpful in attracting employees.

  • Private offerings of securities.

  • Corporate preparation for securities offerings.

  • Advice on the structure of offerings and the securities offered.

  • Compliance with securities law requirements.


Being able to draw on our experience whenever you need allows your law firm to handle every aspect of securities law regardless of your areas of practice or the demands on your time. We handle entire transactions or assist on specific items. Use us to handle all your securities work or use us for individual matters.

The benefits of our services include:

EXPERIENCE. Cassidy & Associates has counseled other law firms in securities matters since 1975. We have participated in over 100 private and public securities offerings. We are attentive to all securities aspects of the projects in which we are involved.

COST. The costs of our services are typically 30-40% below prevailing rates for securities work. These costs flow through to your clients. There are no costs to our firm. We quote fixed fees for transactions when requested.

WORKING RELATIONSHIP. Critical to our practice is our close relationship with the firms we counsel. We provide quick turnaround and attention to detail. We give you a complete description of our actions and reasons for those actions to aid your communications with your clients.

CLIENT PROTECTION AND SATISFACTION. Our services allow you to handle securities matters for your clients rather than refer them to other law firms. The quality, extensiveness and timeliness of our services help assure your client satisfaction.

EXPANSION OF YOUR PRACTICE. Securities services create considerable revenues for law firms. The ability to perform these services may also lead to other legal services by you for clients who come to you initially for securities matters. We provide a comprehensive go public program. Our service is designed to assist you through each stage of development.


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