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EB-5 Investment Visas

The EB-5 Visa program was established by the US Congress in 1990 and it provides foreign nationals a way to obtain a green card by investing money in USA industries. To obtain one of these special visas an individual must invest between $500K to $1 Million with the purpose of creating USA-based jobs for US nationals.

If the foreign investor's EB-5 visa is approved he/she and their dependents will be allowed conditional USA residency for two years. The investor must provide the US government, within specific dates, proof that the US jobs were created and maintained.

There are no qualifications for a person to apply for EB-5 other than

1) they make an investment in the US for a min of $500,000 USD
2) that investment is made in project associated with a Federal designated Regional Center.

The typical amount of time the investment is held in the development project is 5 years. Usually, after that time the $500,000 and interest are paid back to the investor.

One investment of $500,000 qualifies anyone in the immediate family to apply for a visa. For example - parents and children under 21 (not grandparents and grandchildren). The investment amount is likely to increase in the near future.

EB-5 Regional Center Projects

UCSIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) maintains a list of EB-5 Regional Centers, state-by-state, and these centers have been used to create much-needed jobs in particular locations. As an example, the Las Vegas, Nevada, area has seen a boom in building casinos thanks to the EB-5 program and the EB-5 Regional Center. Many developers are forming their own EB-5 Regional Center with the aim of soliciting EB-5 investments.

The Tiber Creek Corporation can facilitate the EB-5 process with our 30+ years of experience provided by the president of our company, a long-term securities attorney. Contact us to peruse the investment opportunities we make available for EB-5 visa applicants, making it possible to receive conditional residency in the USA.

We can take your company public, including new foreign companies.

We can assist you with the EB-5 Investment Visa or if you want to set up a Regional Center we can do that too.

The minimum cost to set up a Regional Center is $150,000.

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